Computer Repair

We specialize in the speedy and reliable repair of all versions of the Windows and Mac running system. We will solve the problem, migrate your data, function a deep cleanup, follow updates to your operating gadget and installation a superior antivirus bundle for better protection. In addition, we can make a backup of all your treasured records on an external difficult drive. Your pc will have your Operating System jogging smoothly and efficiently as if it were new.

Computer Brands We Can Service and Repair:

Acer Computer Repair.
Alienware Computer Repair.
Asus Computer Repair.
Chromebook Computer Repair.
Compaq Computer Repair.
Dell Computer Repair.
Fujitsu Computer Repair.
Gateway Computer Repair.
HP Computer Repair.
IBM Computer Repair.
Lenovo Computer Repair.
Mac (Apple) Computer Repair.
NEC Computer Repair.
Samsung Computer Repair.
Sony Computer Repair.
Toshiba Computer Repair.

Computer Tune Up

Want to make your old PC or laptop run like new again? Bring it to Goods Smarts and anticipate it to be again at your palms in working condition. We will assist in beautifying the overall performance of your system at a low cost! Whatever the case may also be, we will make each effort to accommodate your needs. If you would like to discover our entire list of computer support services, consisting of tune-ups, two please contact us at Goods Smarts today

If you are experiencing crashing applications, everyday pop-ups, slower processing performance, or some uncommon activities, then your system might be malware-infected. Whether it is with your desktop or laptop, Goods Smarts provides the fastest and most thorough virus removal carrier and antivirus installation for your convenience. Just convey it to us and we will handle it with care and precision. We will locate the motive and eliminate it from the source, preserving your system and your statistics protected and secured. For excellent help for all types of laptop renovation services, supply Goods Smarts a name today.

Computer Brands We Can Service and Repair:

Antivirus replaces Service.
Computer Password Unlock Service.
Data Recovery Service.
Data Transfer Service.
Hard Drive Replacement Service.
Home and Computer Repair Service.
Laptop charger alternative Service.
Laptop Power Jack Repair Service.
Laptop Screen Repair Service.
Malware Removal Service:
– Adware Removal Service.
– Antivirus renews an updated Service.
– Crypto used to be Removal Service.
– Ransomware Removal Service.
– Spyware Removal Service.
– Trojan Removal Service.
– Virus Removal Service
– Worm Removal Service.
Memory RAM Replacement Service.
Memory RAM Upgrades Service.
Motherboard Repair Service.
Motherboard replacement Service.
Power Supply Replacement Service.

Power Supply Testing Service

Goods Smarts has a large decision of accessories, including cases, chargers and a whole lot more. We are devoted to supplying extremely good accessories at unbeatable prices. Just come to our store and browse our offers; Our group of workers will be joyful to assist you to discover what you are looking for. Visit us today at Goods Smarts or call us for any questions.

iPhone Complete Screen Replacement Coupon

What You’ll Get

  • Type of repair: glass repair & LCD
  • Average time to complete service: 35 minutes
  • Glass repairs fix the outer layer of the screen only, the most commonly damaged part. If the glass cracks, the device will still be usable.

General records about your iPhone
In our Technical Service we offer repairs for all iPhone fashions ( restore iPhone XS Max , restore iPhone XS , restore iPhone XR , repair iPhone X , repair iPhone 8 , restore iPhone eight Plus , restore iPhone 7 , repair iPhone 7 Plus , repair iPhone SE , repair iPhone 6S Plus, restore iPhone 6S, repair iPhone 6 Plus, restore iPhone 6, restore iPhone 5S, restore iPhone 5C, repair iPhone 5, repair iPhone 4S, repair iPhone four, repair iPhone 3GS and repair iPhone 3G ). We are always up to date with our repairs and consequently, we provide you any enhancement or solution to a breakdown that you may need.

iPhone is one of the most everyday smartphones that exists at the moment; It is a machine that gives a multitude of chances thanks to the specific factors and purposes it includes. Keep in mind that, being a transportable device that we use a lot, it is inclined to be damaged by using bumps or falls. iFixRapid is your Technical Service if you desire to repair your iPhone.

The glossy diagram of the iPhone can be affected through a bump or a fall, which causes the case of your iPhone to be dented or worn or broken at the corners. Scratches are additionally marked in particular on the again of the iPhone if you support it on a hard floor or if it falls on land or sand. It is an easy restore that is based totally on the exchange in housing. Another hassle with the iPhone is that the detachable tray of the SIM card is caught or split or even lost. In that case, we replace it with a new one.

Repair the iPhone battery is without a doubt one of the most demanded repairs. It is very handy to realize the failure if you be aware of what the outcomes are. If the iPhone shuts down for no purpose or reboots itself, or even when related to the charger, the battery stage does no longer upward push or wears out very quickly, this capability that you likely need to alternate the battery for a new one. Many times we marvel how it is viable that the battery fails so a lot of it is protected. The battery is usually exposed to many situations of hazard such as falls, filtration of liquids, surges, etc.

If the restore of the battery was one of the most common repairs, the iPhone display is additionally among them. This display screen is susceptible to smash if the iPhone falls or if a hit is struck with some different object. It can additionally scratch if we lift it in the bag next to the keys or if it rubs towards a hard surface. It is no longer so common that the display screen spoils if it gets wet however the water or liquid can end up filtering and destroying the device little by way of little from the inside. What motives the screen of the iPhone to continue to be black or begin to appear stripes distorting the image. The water leaks, as properly as the blows, are quite dangerous for the vibration, which will motive that the iPhone does now not vibrate or it will do it of intermittent form.

The iPhone buttons have been altering positions at some stage in all the models, however, they have constantly fulfilled the identical function. Being external elements, they can be damaged through blows or falls, or even by means of filtration of a liquid.

The home button on the iPhone (which now consists of the Touch ID ) is often broken as it is the most used. When it is broken we can be aware that it stops reacting when pressed, that it does now not understand fingerprints, it is delayed or it can even be displaced after a blow and stuck. The repair is an easy alternate of the button and the connection of the factors so that the whole lot works correctly.

As for the electricity button, we discover that if it breaks it does not enable turning the iPhone off or on because it is stuck or due to the fact after a fall the factor has been broken. This takes place equally with the volume button: you can not elevate or decrease the extent of the iPhone so the sound can only be regulated via the LCD panel.

When an iPhone is hit or dropped, or if it falls in the water, it is normal for the sound to stop working. But where is the problem?

If what’s wrong are the iPhone’s speakers, the lower speaker will now not play track or sound in the notifications and the headset will be muted or distort the sound which will make it impossible for us to make calls.

If what is wrong is the microphone, we will sincerely observe that the sound is not recorded in a video or audio or it is uneven or distorted; in the calls our interlocutor will not be in a position to hear our voice or he will hear it uneven as if there is no insurance and we will not be capable to make requests to Siri due to the fact he will not recognize the voice well.

As for the connectors, it is regular that the slots can be broken due to the fact they get some liquid or cloth such as dust or sand. They are also conducive to clogging because they are refined connectors that should be extracted with delicacy. Both the minijack that is the exterior sound connector for headphones, audio system, and microphones, as properly as the lightning connector and dock connector, which are accountable for recharging the battery or connect the iPhone to our computer, can get stuck, break up or end working by using use and wear.

The failures in the Wi-Fi connection can be very diverse. To know if the Wi-Fi antenna is damaged, we need to check that we can join to an impenetrable and effective network. If there are still problems, there will be the situation that your iPhone does no longer connect to WiFi, or have a little signal; or if you attempt to connect via Bluetooth and your gadget does no longer appear, the antenna may additionally be in awful condition and needs to be changed.

iPhone Screen (LCD AAA Prices) Repair Offers Prices

Goods smarts

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Goods smarts has ALL the tools. Resources. And expertise to handle ALL of your electronics repairs. Setup and maintenance in ONE convenient place for ONE affordable price. OUR technicians want YOU to have the best possible experience with your electronic devices. Which is WHY we carry the best selection of tools. Supplies. And accessories for ALL your most important electronic devices. We CAN FIX your iphone. SAMSUNG phone. Tablet. Ipad. Ipod touch. Computer.


  • IPhone 5s/SE $49
  • IPhone 6/6P$59
  • IPhone 6S/6SP $65
  • IPhone 7/7P $75
  • IPhone 8 /8P, $85
  • IPhone X $175

Charging Port Repair

  • iPhone 5/5C/5S/5SE $35
  • iPhone 6/6  $40
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus $45
  • iPhone 7 /7 Plu $55
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus  $65
  • iphone x call for info

Battery Replacement

  • iPhone 5/5C/5S/5SE  $25
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus  $35
  • iphone 6S/6S Plus $40
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus $45
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus $55
  • iPhone X $75

The Highest-Quality Parts Quality For All Our Repairs With The Best Tool In The Industry.

Our experienced technicians are highly trained and qualified to perform a variety of different types of iPhone repairs, including front glass and LCD replacement services, charging port repair, diagnostic, battery replacement, using only the highest-quality parts quality (Premier & AAA) for all our repairs with the best tool in the industry


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Goods Smarts Performs iPhone Repair Service in Hialeah, FL. We offer Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, Computer Repair, and Data Recovery Service.

We are the leader of the phone and computer repair industry in Hialeah FL.

We do not have mysterious hindquarters.
We make quick phone repairs. Technicians will always be able to repair your device in front of you, providing a 100% reliable and transparent service, and if it is an accident on the phone’s screen, it will usually repair your phone as new in 30 minutes or less.

Iphone Repair,Battery Replacement,Charging Port Repair, Same Day Repair  Save (Up to 67% Off)

Unlock Any iPhone To Any Carrier In 5 Minutes, Also Works If The Device Is Being Financed. FROM $29.99 .  Call Us Now For This Special Pricing.

Phone Unlock Service

Sprint Unlock Service ——— $29.99
T-Mobile Unlock Service —— $29.99
AT&T Unlock Service ———- $29.99
Verizon Unlock Service ——- $29.99

Any brand, any phone, any model, any carrier.

Goods smarts has ALL the tools. Resources. And expertise to handle ALL of your electronics repairs

phone Repair Lcd screen repair) If you cannot understand the inner workings of an iPhone, bring your device over to Goods Smarts iPhone and Computer Repair Store in Hialeah, FL. Our cell phone repair store is specialized in iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android devices. Qualified and experienced, our technicians have undergone vast training and bring years of experience in repairing a wide array of smartphones and tablets. With more than two years in business, our licensed and insured shop has drawn numerous first-time and regular customers who have been looking to repair their computers and smartphones. When searching iPhone repair near me or computer repair near me on the internet, choose Goods Smarts iPhone and Computer Repair Store. We offer the best affordable (iphone Repair Lcd screen repair) prices and top-quality repairs you can trust and are experts in iPhone repair service, cell phone unlocking services and Samsung phone repair service. Without our phones, we are u

Goods smarts has ALL the tools. Resources. And expertise to handle ALL of your electronics repairs. Setup and maintenance in ONE convenient place for ONE affordable price. OUR technicians want YOU to have the best possible experience with your electronic devices. Which is WHY we carry the best selection of tools. Supplies. And accessories for ALL your most important electronic devices. We CAN FIX your iphone. SAMSUNG phone. Tablet. Ipad. Ipod touch. Computer.

Goods Smarts has all the tools, resources, and expertise to handle all of your electronics repairs, setup and maintenance in one convenient place for one affordable price.
Goods Smarts specializes in phone and computer repair service.
Services: Phone Repair, Computer Repair Company, Phone Screen Repair, Phone Unlock