iphone AAA lcds

QC Standard

  • IPhone 5S-> $46.99  /  IPhone SE –>$46.99
  • IPhone 6   ->$49.99  /  IPhone 6P –>$55.99
  • IPhone 6S ->$51.99  /  IPhone 6SP->$57.99
  • IPhone 7 —>$58.99 /  IPhone 7P –>$59.99
  • IPhone 8 —>$57.99 /  IPhone 8P –>$58.99
  • IPhone X —>$139.9 /  IPhone XS –>$195.99
  • IPhone XR ->$210.9 / IPhone X Max -> $485.9

iphone premium lcds

QC Premium

  • IPhone 5S-> $  N / A  /  IPhone SE –>$  N / A
  • IPhone 6   ->$ N / A  /  IPhone 6P –>$ N / A
  • IPhone 6S ->$ N / A  /  IPhone 6SP->$78.99
  • IPhone 7 —>$77.99 /  IPhone 7P –>$79.99
  • IPhone 8 —>$85.99 /  IPhone 8P –>$89.99
  • IPhone X —>$139.9 /  IPhone XS –>$195.99
  • IPhone XR ->$210.9 / IPhone X Max -> $485.9

General information about your iPhone

In our Technical Service we offer repairs for all iPhone models ( repair iPhone XS Max , repair iPhone XS , repair iPhone XR , repair iPhone X , repair iPhone 8 , repair iPhone 8 Plus , repair iPhone 7 , repair iPhone 7 Plus , repair iPhone SE , repair iPhone 6S Plus , repair iPhone 6S , repair iPhone 6 Plus , repair iPhone 6 , repair iPhone 5S , repair iPhone 5C ,repair iPhone 5 , repair iPhone 4S , repair iPhone 4 , repair iPhone 3GS and repair iPhone 3G ). We are always up to date with our repairs and therefore we offer you any improvement or solution to a breakdown that you may need.

iPhone is one of the most universal smartphone that exists at the moment; It is a device that offers a multitude of possibilities thanks to the different components and applications it includes. Keep in mind that, being a portable device that we use a lot, it is prone to be damaged by bumps or falls. iFixRapid is your Technical Service if you want to repair your iPhone.

The sleek design of the iPhone can be affected by a bump or a fall, which causes the case of your iPhone to be dented or worn or broken at the corners. Scratches are also marked especially on the back of iPhone if you support it on a rough surface or if it falls on land or sand. It is a simple repair that is based on the change of housing. Another problem with iPhone is that the removable tray of the SIM card is stuck or split or even lost. In that case, we replace it with a new one.

Repair the iPhone battery is without a doubt one of the most demanded repairs. It is very easy to detect the failure if you know what the effects are. If the iPhone shuts down for no reason or reboots itself , or even when connected to the charger, the battery level does not rise or wears out very quickly, this means that you probably need to change the battery for a new one. Many times we wonder how it is possible that the battery fails so much if it is protected. The battery is always exposed to many situations of risk such as falls, filtration of liquids, surges, etc.

If the repair of the battery was one of the most common repairs, the iPhone screen is also among them. This screen is prone to break if the iPhone falls or if a hit is struck with some other object. It can also scratch if we carry it in the bag next to the keys or if it rubs against a rough surface. It is not so common that the screen spoils if it gets wet but the water or liquid can end up filtering and destroying the system little by little from the inside. What causes the screen of the iPhone to remain black or begin to appear stripes distorting the image. The water leaks as well as the blows are quite harmful for the vibration, which will cause that the iPhone does not vibrate or it will do it of intermittent form.

The iPhone buttons have been changing positions throughout all the models, but they have always fulfilled the same function. Being external elements, they can be damaged by blows or falls, or even by filtration of liquid.

The home button on the iPhone (which now includes the Touch ID ) is often damaged as it is the most used. When it is damaged we can notice that it stops reacting when pressed, that it does not recognize fingerprints, it is delayed or it can even be displaced after a blow and stuck. The repair is a simple change of button and the connection of the components so that everything works correctly.

As for the power button , we find that if it breaks it does not allow turning the iPhone off or on because it is stuck or because after a fall the component has been broken. This happens equally with the volume button: you can not raise or lower the volume of the iPhone so the sound can only be regulated through the LCD panel.

When an iPhone is hit or dropped, or if it falls in the water, it is normal for the sound to stop working. But where is the problem?

If what’s wrong are the iPhone’s speakers , the lower speaker will not play music or sound in the notifications and the headset will be muted or distort the sound which will make it impossible for us to make calls.

If what is wrong is the microphone , we will surely notice that the sound is not recorded in a video or audio or it is choppy or distorted; in the calls our interlocutor will not be able to hear our voice or he will hear it choppy as if there is no coverage and we will not be able to make requests to Siri because he will not recognize the voice well.

As for the connectors, it is normal that the slots can be damaged because they get some liquid or material such as dirt or sand. They are also conducive to clogging because they are delicate connectors that must be extracted with delicacy. Both the minijack that is the external sound connector for headphones, speakers and microphones, as well as the lightning connector and dock connector , which are responsible for recharging the battery or connect the iPhone to our computer, can get stuck, split or stop working by use and wear.

The failures in the Wi-Fi connection can be very diverse. To know if the Wi-Fi antenna is damaged, we must check that we can connect to a secure and powerful network. If there are still problems, there will be the situation that your iPhone does not connect to WiFi, or have little signal ; or if you try to connect by Bluetooth and your device does not appear, the antenna may be in bad condition and needs to be changed.