What’s new? 3/31/2021

Goods Smarts covers any damage!

Lifetime Warranty (As Long as the Cover Glass is Not Cracked!)

When you Repair your Screen with Goods Smarts we Provide a Warranty on the following Conditions (Does Not include installation fee of New Screen Replacement)

Yes We Cover  (As Long as the Cover Glass is Not Cracked!)

  1. Blackout
  2. Lines on OLED/LCD
  3. Glitches on OLED/LCD
  4. Hard OLED Screens (We Cover)
  5. Soft OLED Screens (We Cover)
  6. Tech damage
  7. Ripped flex cables
  8. Broken LCD
  9. Broken OLED

NOTE; the Glass Must NOT be broken and We will Reinstall for an installation fee the LCD/Screen Replacement will be free of Charge installation fee is Below You Must show a Physical Receipt for the Warranty.

 Installation fee Price.

  1. iPhone 6 to 8 $25
  2. iPhone X to XS Max $35
  3. iPhone 11 to 11 Pro Max $45
how the lifetime warranty works 3/31/2021
1. You must show a physical receipt for a free inspection. 2. the phone must be inspected by a technician. 3. (As long as the coverslip is not broken!) Goods Smarts covers any damage! 4. must be approved by a manager. 5. The customer must pay the installation fee to be approved for the lifetime warranty.
installation fee
iPhone 6 to 8 $ 25 iPhone X to XS Max $ 35 iPhone 11 to 11 Pro Max $ 45 iPhone 12 mini to 12 Pro Max $ 99
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